• high grade digital heat press machine

high grade digtal heat press machine sublimation photo t-shirt transfer printing machine ST230B 20X 30CM

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For all countries which machine cost is the same. Only different country have different carrier cost. Is better to confirm that with us before do the payment.  


And our amount have not include the tax. If have not your any requested we will declare the actually value as your paid in invoice. Please contact us if you need us to declare low value. 

t shirt heat press machineParameter:

Voltage: 220V, 110V;

Power: 600W

Temperature Scope: 0-250C degree;

Time Scope: 0-999sec;

Printing Size: 23X30CM

Package Dimension: 45X41X37cm

Weight: 17Kg;


t shirt heat press machine Features

1. The new, stylish, high-end styling, reasonable structure, operation easier;
2. Using intelligent digital display temperature controller, temperature control is accurate (+-1 C degree)
3. Single-table integrated automatic temperature and electronic timing, the process is completed alert tone;
4 The aluminum plate is a plate-like integrated heating, heat evenly, durable;
5. The heating plate is covered with high-temperature release layer, easy to clean, anti-oxidation;
6. Flexible silicone foam table laying temperature;

This machine use sublimation principle, can making various color photos, personality patterns, heat transfer and other finished products to heat transfer onto cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, metal, ceramics, glass and other flat material. Widely used to produce: Personalized Gifts easy to use, advertising products, gifts and other operating


Usa Way:

1 Turn on the power switch, Power switch lights. Then can setting the working parameter.( Frist use,please setting temperature, Time, more details please read the instrucation of the control panel time and temperature operation)

2 After setting the temperature time,the machine starts to heat up heating (the temperature rose to 200 C degree and takes about 15 minutes)

3 Lifting the handle to make the machine open. Move the head to other sides, get the worktable, put the products on worktable, testing the persure if is good. If not, need to adjust the pressure knob. (Turn the knob clockwise to increase pressure, counterclockwise rotation to reduce pressure)

4 When the machine until desired temperature is reached, put the ;products on worktable, pressing the handle, press the timer, after reaching the set time, the machine issued a warning tone, lift the handle to complete the last operation;


1 If it is cool sublimation paper, printing completed. please waiting 15-20 seconds. Then tear it off. If it is heat sublimation paper, printing completed, please tear off the paper asap (Diagonal grain to tear down the clothes). Successful printed, need right time, temperature and pressure;

2 The final printed result depend on the products thickness,material and variety of sublimation paper.

3 different kinds of printing, please testing the sample. After get right time and temperature, then volume production.


Simple Troubleshooting

1 Fault Phenomenon              

Method: Judgement and treatment methods

2 Power Switch is turn on,but the light of machine is off;

Method: Power interface is not firm or the fuse of the power connector is burnout

3 Press knob is inflexible; 

Method: Adding the lubricating oil on the rotary knob

4 Handlebar pressed down and get bumped ;

Method: Please adjust the pressure position screw to down

5 Handlebar is hard to lift;

Method: Please adjust the pressure position screw to up or counterclockwise to adjust the pressure adjustment knob

 6 Heat plate can not heating;                            

Method: Instrument failure or chassis of the relay does not work or heat board burned

Actual Picture:
HP230B actual picture 2
HP230B actual picture 3
HP230B actual pictureRemark:

1 Our machines are all new. Have not any handle. If your need that, please contact others.

2 When your order it, please tell us what is your voltage and color.

3 Guarantee period: 1 year. If any hard parts is no use by the machine caused, we can provide it free of charge. But the carrier cost in your sides.

Delivery Way:

DHL, FEDEX IE, FEDEX IP,TNT, UPS,Aramex Etc. Their delivery time about  5-7 work days. Base on safe condition, we will choice more economical way to send out. If you have any special request, please leave the massage to us. 

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high grade digital heat press machine

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