• GSM01 Wireless/wired Phone SIM GSM Home Burglar Security GSM Alarm System English Russian Spansih Voice Prompt Alarm Sensor kit

How to Choose and use an alarm system 

    Now there are many kinds of home alarm system products in the market that you may not know how to choose the most suitable. Here we have some suggestions about how to choose and use an alarm system for you.

- Knowing whether you need a wired system or a wireless one. Normally we recommend wireless system because it is much easier for you to install.
- Knowing a complete alarm system not only includes the common burglar alarm, but also includes fire alarm(smoke alarm), panic alarm, and environmental Alarm.
- Count the number of doors and windows of your house which a burglar may access. Your alarm system should cover all the entrances in your house.
- If you are pet owner, we recommend you to use pet friendly PIR motion sensor to immunity your pet. Because pet can even trigger a false alarm.
- Decide if you need Smoke sensor, Gas sensor, Wireless Flash Siren to beef up your alarm system.
- Whether you are leaving your house for a few short minutes, working from home during the day or vacationing on the other side of the world, your alarm system should be armed and ready to alert you at all times.
NOTE: This unit supports English,Russian, Spanish Voice version, but not have Spanish manual. ( pls leave a note or message if you need Russian or Spanish voice , otherwise we will send English as default. thanks~) 
GSM01 New upgrade m odule , run faster and stroger signal. Russian voice upgraded and pronunciation more correct.




-4 wired and 6 wireless defence zones;
-Can preset and store 6 voice phones and 3 message phones;
-Remote two-way intercom, Built-in intercom speaker;
-Telephone (mobile phone) remote control programming;
-SMS remote control preset arm,disarm the main panel;
-SMS alarm content can be changed;
-3 groups of timely arm and disarm;
-2 groups reply to timely control the home appliances open or close;
-Can connect wireless siren(Option)
-10-second automatic message recording;
-Built-in intelligent English message;
-Alarm locking memory and information clear for easy checking;
-One-key-control function:Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm;
-Wireless intelligent learning encoding and comply additional accessories;
-Arm, disarm, monitor and intercom by remote calling the alarm unit;
-Real-time, delay,24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function;
-Built-in rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply nearly 5hours automatically after power off;
-Main unit anti-tamper and low-voltage detecting function.


All the sets without original retail box, need extral 3.5$/set if you want it.


Set A  Package Content
1 x GSM alarm host
2 x Remote Control
1 x Door/window sensor
1 x Infrared Sensor
1 x Wired Siren
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual ( Russian or English manual, without Spanish manual)
Set B  Package Content
1 x GSM alarm host

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GSM01 Wireless/wired Phone SIM GSM Home Burglar Security GSM Alarm System English Russian Spansih Voice Prompt Alarm Sensor kit

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