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Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo L.) annual born herbs; stems with furrows. Petiole stout, short bristles; leaf blade hard, erect, triangular, curved semi-circular, above the dark green, the following color is lighter, both sides of the veins are rough hair. Tendrils are slightly stout. Male and female. Caulifus lobes linear-lanceolate; corolla yellow, apically acute; stamens filaments long by 15 mm, anthers abutoneous; Female flowers solitary, ovary ovate. Fruiting stout, there are obvious furrows, fruit feet thick or slightly enlarged. Fruit shape varies by breed; seed ovate, white, ca. 20 mm, margin arched and obtuse.
Origin of southern North America, China began to cultivate from Europe in the middle of the 19th century, all over the world are distributed. Zucchini contains more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, with Chufan thirst quencher, lungs and cough, heat diuretic, swelling and Sanjie effect. Fruit for vegetables.
Growth habits
The optimum temperature for the growth period is 20-25 ℃, the growth is below 15 ℃, and the growth is stopped at 8 ℃. 30 ℃ above the slow growth and prone to disease. Seed germination suitable temperature of 25-30 ℃, 13 ℃ can germinate, but very slow; 30-35 ℃ germination fastest, but easy to cause leggy. Flowering results need a higher temperature, the general to maintain the best 22-25 ℃. The minimum temperature of root growth is 6 ℃, and the minimum temperature of root hair is 12 ℃. At night temperature 8-10 ℃ when the fruit can be normal fertilization. Light intensity requirements moderate, more resistant to low light, but when the light is not easy to cause leggy. Photoperiod is a short daylight plant, long day conditions are conducive to stem and leaf growth, short sunshine conditions under the condition of melon earlier. Zucchini hi moist, intolerant drought, high temperature and drought conditions susceptible to viral disease; but high temperature and humidity are also easy to cause powdery mildew. Soil is not strict requirements, sand, loam, clay can be cultivated, soil deep loam easy to high yield.

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Squash Seed Vegetable Fruits Vegetables Seasons Melon The Of Zucchini Seeds High Yield Big Fruit 20 Seeds

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